Pombo – release concert

Pop and jazz in a joyous ride

Release party for “Blåmärken” (“Bruises”) with the swedish jazz-pop group POMBO.

Pombo means dove in Portuguese, and is also the name of one of Sweden´s most outspoken jazz groups. Pombo is actually completely free of censorship when it comes to playing jazz, speak up and touch their listeners.

Marie Hanssen Sjåvik – Voice
Anna Högberg – Sax
Gus Loxbo – Double bass, saw
Felicia Nielsen – Piano
Nils Wall – Drums

Pombo have recently been working on a concept about bruises – ‘blåmärken’ in swedish. The result is the album ‘blåmärken’.

On the journey of this 3rd record they have had the honour to work closely in collaboration with some amazing people; the swedish artist andreas eriksson whoms work is to be seen in all artwork and artistic ideas on the album, austrich experimental musician christof kurzmann that appear on some of the tracks



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