Poste Restante “The Leviathan Camaraderie”

An immersive performance about belonging.

Do you also feel like our existing culture is a pointless barbary that fails to provide us with any sense of meaning? Are you looking for a friendly camaraderie accepting you for who you are?

The Leviathan Camaraderie is an immersive performance on the hardships of coexistence and the longing for belonging. It takes the form of a member club that aims to lay a foundation for a new, egalitarian order. It does so by deconstructing civilization as we know it, exorcising its lingering perversions and establishing an alternative order.

Visitors are invited to join the camaraderie as initiates, to learn the rules of the camaraderie and to participate in egalitarian practice. Visitors who want a more in depth – and challenging – experience have the possibility to apply for full membership.

The Leviathan Camaraderie is an independent part of Poste Restante’s diptych exploring Freud’s essay Civilization and Its Discontents. It is a performance series that combines elements from Freud with the labour movement, queer theory and club culture.

The performance is shown on August 25, 26, 27 and September 1, 2, 3  at 17.30, 18.00, 18.30, 19.30, 20.30 (6 people/start). To experience the piece please plan to stay for a couple of hours, but you are welcome to leave whenever you want. The piece will be in Swedish or English depending on the audience.

Poste Restante is a swedish performing arts collective that have gained a lot of international attention for their site- and situation specific pieces. They take their audiences to unexpected spaces, like abandoned office buildings, all-night churches, anonymous back streets and hard-to-access ambassador villas. Their work has been performed at Baltic Circle in Helsinki, Santiago A Mil and Salzburger Festspiele among other places.