Potatopotato Scenkonst “Riddare av tusen äventyr”

Malmö’s infamous performance creators takes on the girl scout movement

Malmö’s infamous performance creators takes on the girl scout movement. 

Be prepared – PotatoPotato creates a performance based on the Swedish girl scouts’ movement. Welcome to a hyper-real campsite, a girl-hike and a collective dream that lifts an alternative to the image of girls as victims. Put on your boots, it’s time to wander away from the male gaze. 

When right wing populists talk about the need to protect girls in the public space as an argument for racist politics, it’s really time to highlight counterimages to the often performed idea of girls as victims. 

The girl scout movement, active in Sweden 1913-1960, gave girls a place to practice taking up space and being active agents in the campgrounds as well as among streets, cafes and squares in the public arena. With quirky scout names, magical songs and home made costumes they built a separatist fellowship where they could explore themselves and the world. 

Riddare av tusen äventyr places the girl in nature and in public space, with sharp knives in their belts and rythmical steps. Be prepared! 

PotatoPotato Scenkonst is an ever-challenging performing arts troupe based in Malmö. Their performances twist and turn norms by exploring pop cultural elements using their own methods. In 2018 they visited Inkonst with their 10-year anniversary performance Fem Musor.

Director: Linda Forsell | On stage: Amanda Quartey, Ella Schartner, Li Molnár Kronlid & Johanna Malm | Producer: Rebecca Baker | Set design & costume: Hanna Reidmar | Light design: Sofi Anderson | Choreographer: Lisen Ellar | Gender and equality educator: Elinor Forsheden Sidoli  | Researcher: Bodil Forsmark | Technician, tour manager: Emil Göthberg | In collaboration with: Kvinnofolkhögskolan in Göteborg, Scoutmuseet inStockholm, Södra Skånes scoutdistrikt m.fl. | Thank you: Girl scouts ”Laxen” and ”Truls” | Supported by: Postkodstiftelsen, Malmö stad, Kulturrådet & Folkuniversitetet.