Power – Riksteatern Crea

A visual and explosive performance where twin sisters Jamila och Amina Quahid critically examines female norms and taboos through poetry, singing and battles.

Doors: 18:30 / On Stage: 19:00
125/175 kr
45 min
swedish sign-language / international signs
visuellt performance

A housewife and a woman that focuses on her career should be viewed as equally strong and important- but who is doing the right thing according to society? Perhaps both? But probably neither of them? On stage they represent yin and yang- two primal forces that both balance and fight one another. Two souls in one body, and two bodies in one mind.

Through Visual Vernacular, a visual storytelling that uses gestures and mimic Power is a performance available to all. A performance that leaves its audience, whether deaf or hearing, with many thoughts and reflections.

Jamila and Amina Ouahid are world-famous in the deaf-community for their special and strong artistic expression. The script is written by Maja Lidbrink that previously wrote ‘Hem’, a play about deaf refugees during the refugee-crisis in 2015. ‘Hem’ toured with Riksteatern 2019 and Amina was one of the actors in the play. The director of Power is Mindy Drapsa, creative director at Riksteatern Crea who also directed ‘Hem’.

Power is played on swedish sign-language and the music is specially composed for the performance. The visual set design heightens the storytelling so that non sign-language speakers can understand and enjoy the performance.

A production by Riksteatern Crea
Premiere 16th March in Stockholm 
On tour spring 2023

On stage:
Amina Ouahid
Jamila Ouahid

Upphovspersoner/ Konstnärligt team:
Manus: Maja Lidbrink
Regi: Mindy Drapsa
Kostym: Tanja Honkanen
Ljusdesign: Jenny Larsson
Scenografi — Lotta Nilsson

Kostym — Tanja Honkanen

Ljusdesign — Jenny Larsson

Komposition — David Gülich

Teckenspråkskonsult — Mia Maria Björkstrand