Public Plot “Blue Dreams”

Feverish car ride through Malmö’s black economy

A car moves through the city. Two actors in the front seat. In the backseat the audience sits and takes part in a story about an invisible world that suddenly becomes visible; a story about the black economy.

You step right into the chain of events and sit like a fly on the wall, centimeters from the actors. It’s a combination of dialogue and music that blends together with the city outside the car window in an almost film-like way. A journey where you literally follow the story through Malmö. An experiment of form where the intimate acting meets the drama in streets, apartments and in restaurants with undeclared labourers.

It’s getting darker. The car accelerates. Someone is going to die tonight.

Because the performance takes place in a car we don’t sell individual tickets. Instead you buy the entire backseat with room for max three people.
Public Plot (SE) is a workers collective from Malmö who explores different ways to tell stories. They are the creators of several notable performances, like Våld & pedagogik, Game over and Smålands Mörker.

Idea & concept: Jonas Åkesson, John Hanse | Text: Henrik Bromander | Actors: Irma Jämhammar, Oskar Stenström | City architect: Simon Sköld | Producer: Carina Ehrenholm | Sound & music: Jonas Åkesson | Director: John Hanse | Supported by: Kulturbryggan | Car from Bildeve