Public Plot “Kropp och straff”

Boot camp to prepare for a fascist future

A physical and mental preparation for what might happen if a right wing populist party comes to power in Sweden. In a safe yet unsafe space participants are given the possibility to practice being arrested, imprisoned and interrogated.

In Kropp & Straff primarily invited groups from civil society will be able to practice how to handle a fascist regime. It’s specifically aimed at those groups who could become a target of a racist political agenda.

With this performance Public Plot wants to create a platform for discussion and reaction. Kropp & Straff thus becomes a small piece in the puzzle of building a resistance towards the fast growing wave of neo fascism. The important thing now is to prepare for the worst possible scenario and at the same time work to never make that a reality.

The performance will also be shown for a general audience.

Public Plot are a collevtive of workers from Malmö who explore different ways of storytelling. They have created several noteworthy performances, Blue Dreams, Våld & Pedagogik and Smålands Mörker to mention a few.

Writers & directors: Henrik Bromander & John Hanse | Set design, costume, sound and light: Sofia Findahl & Jonas Åkesson | Actors: Jens Olsson & Sofia Snahr | Interactive dramaturg: Ebba Petrén | Producer: Karin Auran Frankenstein | Thank you: Jasser Hetait | Support by: Kulturbryggan, Inter Art Center & Inkonst.