Rosalind Goldberg “Jump with me!”

Jumping dancers make relations visible in new ways

Skipping, bouncing, jumping characters in a dance performance where relationships and actions has hopped out of their usual patterns and thus become visible in new ways.

In Jump with me! you meet three people who only exist through the jump. Their actions and bodies are shaped by the jump. They think when they jump. They talk through the jump. Their songs are sung when they jump. Their feelings jump. In short, the jump is their only life-line.

The jump is a simple movement in its most basic form. It’s a movement everyone can relate to and many has a relationship to: not everyone can jump but everyone knows what a jump is. With the jump we try to distance relationships from their habitual representation – to literally jump out of their usual doings and soundings. With an array of rythmical structures and made-up directions a practice is shaped that acts as a base for how relationships appear on stage.

Jump with me! originates in the simplicity and activity of the jump, where the jump constitutes the base for how closeness, negotiation, loneliness and togetherness is portrayed between the dancers. The performance had its premiere on May 2016 at Weld in Stockholm.

Rosalind Goldberg (SE/DE) is a choreographer and dancer based in Stockholm and Berlin. Her last performance MIT, which was performed in Inkonst in 2015, was nominated for the Prix Jardin d’Europe and has been showed at Impulstanz in Vienna and the Venice biennale. She works on her own as well as in collaboration with artists like Ingri Fiksdal, Jonas Corell Petersen, Mårten Spångberg, Stina Nyberg and Sandra Lolax.  

Concept and choreographyi: Rosalind Goldberg | Developed and performed by: Salka Ardal Rosengren, Anne-Mareike Hess, Tove Salmgren | Costume: Anna Uddenberg | Composition: Daniel Glatzel | Light design: Sandra Blatterer | Co-production: Weld (Stockholm) | Supported by: The Arts Council in Sweden and Norway.