Sapphire Burlesque After Party w/ DJ Algorythm (DK) + Gina040

After a whole evening of dazzling and fagulous burlesque it's time for the after party! With Malmö's finest Gina040 and DJ Algorythm (DK).

Of course you can choose to only attend the after party but you should attend both! Read more:

Widianne X presents Sapphire Burlesque and The Decadent Soirée

DJ Algorythm is the DJ project of the artist Vinnie Gotfredsen, known for her work as director and producer at Bedside Productions. Vinnie’s sound is an ecletic and quirky mashup of many genres including breakbeat, glitch, happy hardcore and trance. It’s soft, it’s hard, it’s cute and it’s sexy.
Gina040 is a local electro-acoustic musician, producer, singer, and founding member of the music collective FNGRLCKN, with a predisposition towards terrorizing bass synths and drilling kicks. They hold a residency at Retreat Radio with their show, The Footfetisch Show, and have annihilated dance floors around Europe since 2016.