Schnellertollermeier + Ymers Pizza

An enchanted evening is expected when the powerful trio Schnellertollermeier and Ymers Pizza aka Maria Bertel hits the stage with music that are equal parts innovation and musical craftsmanship at it's finest.

Schnellertollermeier play music without compromises. Ranging from modern composition, minimal music and improv to brute rock music, their style defies genre boundaries with an instrumental power that lets heart beat the head easily. The idea of a band that sounds like one organism can be perceived in a unified energy – a music containing as much explosive force as beauty and depth. Don’t miss when this brutal-jazz power trio creates their magic!

Ymers Pizza aka Maria Bertel from the danish experimental super collectives Selvhenter and Eget Værelse creates a total sonic domination with her enhanced trombone. A real experience!