Sebastian Lingserius / KASS Produktion “D ANCER”

A dance performance that fantasize about gyms and bodily ideals

A workout at the gym filled with fantasies about the body, the strive toward unachievable ideals and our relationships to the treadmill.

In D ANCER you are invited to a different kind of workout, where you are both participant and spectator. It’s a piece that speculates on the bodily ideals we’re jogging towards in the gym, the bodies we’re striving to become. How do we flex our muscles on the yoga mat? What is our relationship to the treadmill? What imaginary identities are we running towards?

D ANCER is the desire to work toward something, a diagram that is always ahead of you, chasing towards an end, an end that is constantly moving. A transforming dance that triggers questions regarding our physical relationship to our surroundings, our ideas of what our body is and can be. For a moment you are also invited to be a D ANCER with the performers, so bring your pajamas, hippest yoga outfit or comfiest adidas trousers and let all your little muscles loose.

D ANCER is the latest piece by Sebastian Lingserius created in collaboration with colleagues Nefeli Oikonomou and Franz Edvard Cedrins.

Sebastian Lingserius is a choreographer and performer based in Stockholm. Educated first at the Royal Swedish ballet school, he then studied a Master in choreography at DOCH. In 2011 Sebastian founded KASS production, through which he produces all of his work, in close collaborations with platforms such as MDT, WELD and Dansens Hus. By having danced and choreographed the past 10 years, he considers dance to be an opportunity to redefine what the human subject could possibly be.

Concept, Choreography & Performing: Sebastian Lingserius and Nefeli Oikonomou. Sound design: Franz Edvard Cedrins. Photography: Danae Economou. Made possible with the support of Kinitiras Athens, Dansens Hus and MDT Stockholm. Supported by: The Swedish Art Council, Stockholm City Council, Stockholm County Council.

In English