Shako Mako pres: Mohammad Reza Mortazavi & Burnt Friedman’s YEK

Iconic duo with a concert for the chosen few

A transcendental duo that marries electronic polyrhythmics with traditional Persian instruments.

With instruments such as Tobak and Daf, this duo creates flourishing euphoric melodies and rhythms. An intoxication from beginning to end, an exuberant journey. Masterful percussionist Mohammad Reza Mortazavi and renowned German electronic musician Burnt Friedman are like two birds that meet in the springs of paradise, there by the rippling pool that breeds tones of trance. An odd-looking combination that in the true sense of the word creates something unique.
This concert is part of Shako Mako’s Istinzal series, and is presented in collaboration with Inkonst.

Support: DJ Foss

We follow the guidelines and restrictions provided by the Public Health Authority to ensure a safe environment at our events.

  • 9/4 2021
  • 19.30-22.00, on stage 20.30
  • 160:-
  • 18 yrs
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