Shalva Nikvashvili “`შიში` – FEAR”

Grotesque but elegant, creepy but funny, human but not-human-at-all.

Welcome to the bizarre, beautiful world of Shalva Nikvashvili where trash is king and the body is an unsentimental playground of emotions and memories.


my name is Shalva Nikvashvili

I am 30 years old

i was born and grew up in Georgia

i spend all my childhood watching
caucasus mountains

i am an artist

i often question , if being artist is
advantage or disadvantage.

i don’t have favourite colour.

i don’t like Michael Jackson.

if i have to choose in between Dog or

i will choose a dog.

if i was not an artist i would become
baker , because i like to bake bread.

i am living in Belgium but i don’t at the
same time.

my main inspirations are my own memories
and hidden identities.

for more questions please write me at:


Shalva Nikvashvili is the multi-talented artist with a flair for the grotesque who has used his provocative, unconventional aesthetics to create everything from masks made of bread and leather bags with human body parts, to drag-like characters and bizarre makeup videos. You can read a lot into hand-stitched seams of Nikvashvili’s pieces – we see a potent play with identity, all of its aspects heightened and overexposed.

Born in Georgia in 1990 and currently based in Belgium, his wildly imaginative, often tongue-in-cheek artwork is inspired by stereotypes, memories, fears and experiences growing up in post-Soviet Georgia. He works in a large variety of mediums – photography, film, fashion and performance.

On September 15th and 16th Shalva will also show his performance ”08.08.08″ in our blackbox. You need to buy a ticket for these events.

15 Sep–28 Oct
Opening 15 Sep 17.00–20.00
Performance 15–16 Sep 18.00

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  • 15/9–28/10 2021
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