Back again by popular demand! Shako Mako is proud to present our third Shik Shak Shok!

A night dedicated to the sound and sonics of our weddings and graduations, birthdays and all other celebrations. This edition we are taking it to the hot dance clubs and parties that left us sweating our kohl off. So bring your best hazza and your hip scarves and join us on the dance floor!

“It’s the small things that get you. A split-second of a sly synth reverberating across the room. An unpredictable array of percussion. Moody vocals occasionally slithering its way across a beat.
For Ramadonna, it’s all about the details. Moving through intoxicating and colourful melodies, his sets, meticulous mixing techniques and sheer energy deems him a selector to be reckoned with. His clear affinity for speedy and MENA-styled techno, merged a love for thumping bass lines sways the crowd into an emotional frenzy. In play we trust.”
KUCHULU is a Copenhagen based DJ and producer. Sound is their way of expressing their delusions or dream worlds by creating temporary genre-bending sceneries in mixes and their own productions. Their projects are often about cultivating inclusion in Copenhagen nightlife, having politics, aggressiveness and a lot of fun at the forefront when DJing.
DJ Nah Care is a well-known name in the Copenhagen LGBTQIA+ community. His music draws inspiration from his Kurdish roots and the electronic scene from club edits to fast paced techno. His club concept Club Versatile & MISS THING promoted inclusion and representation of queer people in the Copenhagen nightlife.