SHIK SHAK SHOK #4 -? Sarra Wild || LeilaMoon ?

Mabrook Habibati! Shako Mako turns 4 years old and we decided to celebrate by throwing our most MAXxXED OUT 7afla yet!

Join us for the final Shik Shak Shok of the year and celebrate by shaking it until your shoulders and hips are sore!
As always, we’ll be paying homage to the spirited dancefloors of SWANA parties and celebrations, but with a club twist.
International DJ, artist, cultural curator and producer based in Glasgow. Sarra Wild has been recognised by Mixmag and Glam Cult for they’re genre bending and exciting mixes that keep you on your toes with every selection.
From North Africa, to Europe and the UK, Sarra Wild brings unmatched energy and playful elements to every stage and radio show they’re feature in.
Wild also runs @OH141, an arts and music platform that centres the experiences of working class LGBTQIA+ and Black and Brown artists.
Here’s one of the best mixes in the world as rated by Mixmag +++
? https://bit.ly/3OjU9Dt

Songwriter, producer and musical-storyletter and resident DJ at @radioalhara – Leila Moon specializes in Raï, Gnawa, Afrobeat, R’n’b, Mahraganat, electronic and house!
Her eclectic music style is a culmination of her collective influences and intercultural upbringing.
Born to an Algerian mother and Moroccan father, she grew up watching anime and Bollywood, listening to Raï music, Arab Pop and has seamlessly knitted a unique pallet and sonic aesthetic.
? https://bit.ly/3ECZ92R