Sound As Light – Kaspars Liepins | FREE ENTRY

Sound As Light is a combined concert and installation that works with sound and light as vehicles through imaginary worlds and dimensions, beyond time and space.

The sound acts as a lantern and guide as visitors travel through dark passages.
When the frequency of sound reaches its climax, it passes into the domain of light in a phenomenon known as: SONOLUMINESCENCES.

Through the installation’s 8 sound channels, visitors are enveloped and directed by dynamic soundscapes that distort and play with spatiality, stimulate our perception and engage our dulled senses. When the moment reaches the end of the road, the inward gaze is opened, new contexts are formed and a new reality can emerge.

Kaspars Liepins is a Malmö-based artist with strong influences from early ambient, trip hop and folk music. In ‘Sound as Light’, Liepins develops a new musical concept with the intention of returning the visitors with their consciousness and inner landscape. A soundscape world free from conventions, where dancing flutes, analog synths, churches, hollow trees and the bubbling under the water’s surface are woven together in a 60 minute live installation facilitated by Kaspars Liepins.