The Space Lady + Flat Earth

The return of the lady from space

Susan Dietrich Schneider, known as The Space Lady, born 1948 in Pueblo, Colorado and raised in Las Animas, Colorado, US, is a singer and musician in the genres space music, synth pop, and psychedelic pop. She’s also a paradigm of the genre known as outsider music.

“One of the most exquisite, quirky and heart-warming synth-pop collections you’ll hear this year.”

“This music has transcended genre, style and fashion, opening up hearts and minds along the way”
Night School

“I have no idea where to start with this. This music is incredible, minimal flourishing phased synthesizers underneath the most beautiful delia derbyshire/white noise esque vocal.”
Sevens Hypnotic Underworld

Support: Flat Earth 
(Unni Zimmerdahl & Lars Lundin)
Flat Earth is a Swedish Malmö based performance act including semi electronic music with live singing and a trumpet. Flat Earth is a mix of different artforms such as dancing, acting, poetry and of course music. Anything can happen in this project.