Stress test for Inkonst's bearing walls when Malmö's doom prides return to Inkonst

Hallucinatory doom metal band Suma played at the opening for new Inkonst over a decade ago. Now it’s 2023 and time for a return that will make the hair on your arms wave like corn cobs in a roaring cyclone.

Suma has a cockroach as its symbol animal. An animal that humans see as a pest but has developed through millions of years of evolution into a perfect survivor – a creature that will remain on Earth long after the real pest has disappeared in some sort of self-inflicted Thunbergian apocalypse.
Just what the season and the spirit of the times require.

Idiot Child
Violent, nihilistic noise rock from the dirty south of Sweden.
I. Svensson – Bass
M. Engelberger – Drums
O. Dahl – Guitar
J. Stojiljkovic – Guitar
M. Engelberger – Vocals, Electronics