SUPINATRA “Metamorphosis”

Flora becomes fauna in this exhibition of photographs by the Russian artist Supinatra. Petals turn into skin, eyes, tongues and ears – finally man and nature morphs into each other.

In the exhibition “Metamorphosis” nature and man meet and morphs into one another. Flora becomes fauna, an extension of the body, petals turn into skin, eyes, tongues and ears. The result is beautiful, yet fragile but sometimes also scary and threatening. Is nature becoming a parasite taking over the human body?

Supinatra aims to deprive the plant elements of their usual points of perception, to make the viewer perceive their objective beauty. Where their usual function disintegrates, exposing the versatility of natural forms, their multi associativity. An attempt to protect and isolate from the outside world with the help of additional vegetation cover, which paradoxically adds to the sense of exposure and fragility.

The series of photographs in “Metamorphosis” clearly reflects the desire to turn the plant into an animal, and by this fusion highlighting the diversity and unity of natural elements.

Supinatra aka Maria Luneva (born 1998 In Moscow) is a Russian artist working with photography and video to capture her short-lived nature installations. This is her first solo exhibition and she has previously been showing her work in London and has also featured in Vouge.


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