Hormones, pills, white coats, demeaning looks, clear liquids and sterile walls in stiff waiting rooms. Who’s in control and who’s yielding in? In ‘surbending’ surrendering is explored as a subversive strategy for queer self-realisation.

DATES: 10–11/10
DOORS: 18.30

ON STAGE 19.00
LENGTH: 45 min

Hormones, pills, white coats, demeaning looks, clear liquids and sterile walls in stiff waiting rooms. Bodies keep turning into what is hard enough to swallow, what is outside their control. Just one more shot, one more pill, one more interview, one more show. Semblances of control dissolve into surrendering, into bending. Who’s in charge when the walls are already built? 

‘surbending’ is a collaborative performance project between choreographer Andreas Haglund and electronic music composer and programmer FASCIA. The piece explores how surrendering can contain strategies of subversion and survival. Inspired by their shared experience as queer people navigating healthcare, surbending teases out tensions of medical power. Hospitals make queer and trans lives possible while simultaneously robbing patients of self-determination and agency. Surrendering as the walls keep turning into ceilings, turning into floors, bending the waiting room into a mirror for self-realisation.


FASCIA is an electronic composer, instrument designer and digital artist based in Malmö. Her work often entails using technology as prosthesis to enhance or transform human capabilities. For surbending, she has programmed webcams to track movement, using these to suspend the dancer in shifting power relations to the digital surveillance.

Andreas Haglund works as a dance artist and choreographer between Sweden and Denmark. They are a member of the artist-driven studio Dance Cooperative, a platform for 13 freelancing dance artists. In his own work he focuses on the somatic, material and aesthetic coherences between queer lived experience and the cultural conception of nature. On stage, in dance practice and in text.


Choreography, performance: Andreas Haglund
Music, Sound, Programming: FASCIA
Light design: Will Zawistowski

Supported by Statens Kunstfond.
Developed in residence at Warehouse9 and HAUT.
With generous support from Dance Cooperative.