CANCELLED Synth meeting & flea market with Malmö Modular

Some people engage in aquariums or toy trains. Some people like to plug wires into synthesizers. Beware - Reasonable nerd factor at work here!

The modular synth is in focus when Malmö Modular invites you to an electronic sound bonanza with synth flea market, jam and spontaneous live sets.


Flea market – sell your old dist pedal, drum machine or maybe your Minimoog?

More info to come!


Malmö Modular is an interest club that was started on Facebook in the summer of 2021 but has now taken the step into the meat world and includes about 100 members. Everyone is welcome, beginners like eurocrackheads.

  • 16/1 2022
  • 14-18
  • Free
  • None