teater mutation, StDH & TeaK “Three Sisters Who Are not sisters”

Gertrude Stein’s opera turned into a play in this Nordic collab

teater mutation reinterprets Gertrude Stein’s opera libretto into spoken theatre.

A game is played and there is a murder. There are three sisters, who are not sisters, and two brothers, who are brothers, and there is nothing to do about it. As the play evolves, what was previously clear and defined becomes uncertain and ambivalent.

Three sisters who are not sisters explore their need to define themselves as well as the world surrounding them. It’s about the constant negotiation of the rules of the game and being forced to redefine oneself. What fits within the tantalizing idea of disobeying the current context, reject all the rules and indulge in all that is forbidden?  

How do the characters relate to themselves and each other in a space where everything needs to be redefined?

Gertrude Stein’s opera libretto Three Sisters Who Are not sisters (1943) is performed as spoken theatre with a new Swedish translation by Annika Nyman and Paul Kraus.

teater mutation is a fringe theatre group based in Malmö working to pursue an artistic exploration in new directions. This production is a graduation project for students from StDH/Stockholm University of the Arts, as well as an internship for students at the Master’s programme in acting at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki.

Text: Gertrude Stein | Translation: Annika Nyman & Paul Kraus | Director: Gustav Englund | Stage design: Annika Tosti | Hair and make-up: Ella Carlefalk | Technical direction: Sanne Wahlgren | On stage: Tuuli Heinonen, Alexander Holmlund, Salla Loper, Liisa Tremmel and more.

In Swedish