Teater Theatron “Livet i Två Bitar”

Personal stories about migration, identity, belonging and dreams. 

Personal stories about migration, identity, belonging and dreams. 

3% of the Earth’s population are migrants and in Sweden around 20% of people have a foreign background. Using personal stories of identity, dreams and belonging as their point of departure Livet i två bitar takes a deep dive into the experience of migration. A poignant celebration of human storytelling. 

Livet i två bitar builds on interviews with actors Suzanna and Zeljko Santrac. Suzanna was born in Gothenburg to parents who came to Sweden in the 1960s from Subotica in Serbia. Zeljko came to Lund as a refugee from former Yugoslavia, where he had his family, friends, cultural identity and worked as an actor on several big stages.

In this performance their stories are woven together into a testimony that helps those who have not experienced migration from within to understand and identify, but also works as a mirror for those with personal experiences of rootlessness.  

Teater Theatron use theatre as a tool to work against xenophobia and make visibel the plethora of life stories that exist right among us. https://www.teatertheatron.se

On stage: Suzanna Santrac & Zeljko Santrac | Director: Tomas Lindström | Dramaturgy: Jan Mark | Set design: Stina Martinsen | Producer: Mimmi Gibson | Supported by: Kulturrådet, Kultur Skåne, Malmö Stad, ABF Skåne & Västra Götalandsregionen | Thank you: Månteatern, Erica Righard, Lotta Holmberg, Ola Wirtberg & Riki Virc