Tenebris Oculum (I): HyperionORBIT, Harmina Klang, Dragovic

In the heart of the bustling city, amidst the neon lights and buzzy crowds, a new, inconspicuous rave concept emerges for those who seek refuge from the chaos of the world outside. Its name is whispered among the nocturnal creatures of the city: Tenebris Oculum - "The Eye of Darkness."

Join us as we defy gravity at sizzling high tempos and explore the outer reaches of the hard trance spectrum on a transcendent voyage through sound and space introduced to you by HyperionORBIT and Technoasis’ residents Harmina Klang and Dragovic.

Malmö based and underground AF, HyperionORBIT is part of the resurgent wave of trance artists, washing over the clubs of Europe. As a core member of Union Trance Mission he has helped define the revival of psychedelic trance music today.

Having held down a residency at Ved Siden Af, once the ultimate techno hotspot in Scandinavia, his dance floor centric skills as a dj was honed. However, at his core HyperionORBIT is a producer first and foremost who stays loyal to the ethos of crafting hard-hitting DJ tools infused with an emotional and melodic edge.

As co-ruler of Technoasis, Harmina Klang has been a source of inspiration for both emerging and established local artists for the past years, forging a path that is uniquely her own.
Unceasingly intense, yet rather enigmatic, Harmina is celebrated for her signature style – a blend of dark, driving industrial techno and trance imbued with a distinctively feminine aura.
With a playful spirit and unparalleled skill, she’ll bring a trip through dimensions in her sets fusing hard techno substyles and hypnotic trance with psychedelic influences.

One of the driving forces within Technoasis and member of the Swedish label Substantiv, Dragovic spearheads a movement that continually redefines the boundaries of electronic music in the region. Dragovic’s sonic realm is a fusion of electrifying elements, trance-driven rhythms, pulsating at a relentless pace evoking the essence of old-school never ending raves. His sets are energized with an abundant dosage of acid, weaving mind-bending and psychedelic textures that transport listeners on a transformative journey.


Harmina Klang