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Thanos Fotas + EXTRA SHOW

EXTRA SHOW now available

Doors: 19:45, stage 20:30

Since his debut in 2009, Thanos Fotas has been an odd bird in the Swedish standup sky. Cross-border, provocative, raw talent. 15 years later, the piece of coal has been pressed and refined into one of Swedish standup’s most well-cut diamonds.

Thanos Fotas is a unique voice in Swedish standup. With accurate imitations of everything from vagabonds to Greeks, Arabs, Kurds and celebrities, no one escapes Thanos’ humor. At the same time, no one is left out.

For many, Thanos Fotas is perhaps known for his trolling of a reporter in “Aktuellt” Zucchini!) or as part of the panel in the SVT hit ‘IFS – invandrare för svenskar’.
But it is the stand-up scene that is Thanos’ true element and now he is heading out into the country to introduce himself to the general public. In 2023, Thanos sold over 4000 tickets at Stadsteatern in Stockholm. Now it is the rest of Sweden’s turn.

Thanos is coming.


Please note: the show is in Swedish
The show is about 1 hour long.

Organizer: Kulturaktiebolaget