There will be men – Cornelius & Amanda Apetrea

For many there’s nothing as scary as men in groups. But what do they actually want? This question is answered through a performative bromance queerly re-imagined as high camp, low comedy and extreme violence.

15 /11
DOORS 18.30
ON STAGE 19.00
DOORS 19.30
ON STAGE 20.00
135/175 kr
90 min

“There Will Be Men…” is broken noses, bleeding knuckles and
man-friends who might fuck, kill or marry.
No, just kidding, men don’t want marriage or kids. It’s bromance queerly re-imagined as high camp, low comedy and extreme violence. 

We are all animals, but men the most.. “There will be men…”  is a hot noir, a shiver, a down righttasteless show about all the wrong (and obviously also the right) things about men. About manly men. With a penis or without, large ,small, hard or soft, pussy, wet, dry.  

Will you come, cum or come with us? 

There will be men that cum in your face 

There will be men that jizz in your ass 

There will be men that rub one out on your belly 

There will be men who cry on your shoulder (no just kidding, they don’t cry)(but really they do)(but they don’t) 

There will be men nursing. 

There will be sassy men 

There will be manly men 

There will be tits and ass – men 

The important things are that There. Will.  Be  – Men. Can I get an a man! A MAN! 

With and by: Amanda Apetrea & Mica Sigourney
Set and light design, costumes: Daniel Åkerström-Steen
Producer: Sara Bergsmark (Johnson & Bergsmark)
Administrative structure: The Artist Cooperative Interim kultur
Photo: Märta Thisner

With support from the Swedish Arts Council and the Swedish arts grant committee.