Tlön :: Dream Baby

Tlön :: Dream Baby premiere club night with Marlena Lampinen, Skin Hologram and Fredrik Hasselgren

Dream Baby is an installation you can dance to, a journey where you are invited to take part from beginning to end. We are inviting the finest musicians we could find, to our dream of how music could be perceived.

After two years of integrating clubs with interactive installations in their own studio, the performance collective invites you to their premiere at Inkonst with a lineup from heaven.

Marlena Lampinen is a true virtuous who moves at ease between dreamy soundscapes to hypnotic techno. She consistently appears in the most interesting spaces for contemporary music. From Norgbergfestivalen and Intonal to Way out West, co-founder of the hyped indie label Moloton.

Fredrik Hasselgren is a musical magician and multitalent who repeatedly contests the limits of dance music. As Skin Hologram he pulsates through dreamlike, deep synth tones. With his own name, he produces high end, raw techno. Co-founder of the legendarey raveclub FLOAT in Stockholm The top pick by  Malmö Antenn.

Marlena Lampinen :
Skin Hologram
Fredrik Hasselgren