Tlön “Human Life Center: Dreaming, Trauma and Seeds (for futures to come)”

Two days of art, research and dreams of the future

Following last year’s success performance collective Tlön once again open the doors to their center for creative thought and practice beyond the normal, this time focused on the future.

During two days Inkonst’s blackbox is transformed into a symposium where dreaming is serious business. Trauma specialists, futurologists, invited artists and the audience come together in an experiment where visions of the future are mixed with tools to open up the imagination.

Human Life Center (Dreaming, trauma and seeds for futures to come) is a time and a space that makes room for experience what could happen if we had the courage, imagination and desire to imagine a new kind of futures. If only for a moment.

Tlön is a performance collective based in Malmö that creates interactive experiences in the borderland between art and ritual. At Inkonst they have presented Human Life Center: Learning by Love making, and a line of club nights.

By and with: Tlön; Tom Oliver Jacobson, Ina Sandbacka, Adrian Kautsky | Medverkande konstnärer: se web | Supported by: Malmö Stad & Region Skåne.