Tlön “Human Life Center – learning by love making”

Experimental research meets performing arts

Malmö’s most magical club collective opens a school that makes room for danced lectures, scented arguments and completely new knowledge.

Welcome to an artistic laboratory where experts, autodidacts, professionals and visitors experiment together to create completely new frames for learning kan knowledge. Tlön has sought up and gathered people who take knowledge in their own hands – from cooks to sexologists, to sculptors and light designers. Together with the people who visit the performance they create a temporary alternative to conventional science and research, and tries to answer what’s gone wrong in our thoughts on educations. Because what is education and research, really? And who gets to claim they’re educating and researching?

As a visitor you are co-creating this experiment, this temporary world, and are invited to participate in workshops, conversations, lectures and club nights. With the theaters as a site of knowledge production we ask ourselves: what could be done differently, if only for a single night?

Tlön (SE) creates interactive installations where the division between audience-artist and reality-play are loosened. Using set design, soundscapes and active guidance, participants are invited to experience alternative forms of interaction.

By and with: Ina Sandbacka, Tom Oliver Jacobson, Adrian Kautsky, Amanda Lebert | Supported by: Malmö Stad