TTNoTDB with Alison Swing B2B Behrang Mohammadi

Winter shall pass and it’s spring at last! Welcome to our first installment of the year, we are back to running the show and with us this night we have no on other than Alison Swing!

Alison Swing B2B Behrang Mohammadi
Alison Swing
Alison Swing has been busy moving all kinds of dance floors with an authentic approach to DJing that focuses on euphoria inducing mixes inspired by her upbringing in the LA warehouse scene. She is the co-founder of the Dig Deeper event series in LA and now feeling right at home in Berlin where she has recently started her own night called Uforia. Alison’s honest and tasteful picks in the booth have had no problem translating to dancers worldwide landing her in some of the most exciting and forward-thinking parties across the globe.
Behrang Mohammadi
Never conform, never give in!
Jin, Jiyan, Azadi
Zan, Zendegi, Azadi