TTNoTDB with Jin Mustafa B2B Behrang Mohammadi

TTNoTDB back for the last event of the year, but do not fear, because as they say, at the end of a rainbow there is.......... another rainbow!

And with us this time we have none other than the Stockholm based multidisciplinary artist and DJ, Jin Mustafa!

Jin Mustafa B2B Behrang Mohammadi
Jin Mustafa
Jin Mustafa is a Stockholm based DJ and electronic musician with a keen sense of narrative and suspense. Her dj-sets are adventurous yet restrained, delving deep into hypnotic rhythms and atmospheres without shying away from bold moves into industrial and experimental territories. In musical duo Karabasan Drane, released jointly by enmossed and Psychic Liberation, and as a solo artist featured by Northern Electronics, Jin Mustafa bridges ambient explorations, sound collage and skeletal beat structures.
Behrang Mohammadi
Never conform, never give in!

130 sek
20 years