Turteatern “Grottbjörnens folk”

Welcome to the neanderthal cave

Welcome to the neanderthal cave, to the time of campfires, mamuts and Jondalar. An archeological odyssey freely based on the great paleolithic hero epic about Ayla, by Jean M. Auel.

Turteatern visits Inkonst with their hit play Grottbjörnens folk – a massively entertaining performance filled to the brim with bodies, humor and pop culture.

Do the only right thing and book your tickets immediately so you too can experience a night in the cave with the dirty classic that has given an entire generation dreams of bear rugs and cromagnon hunks.

Turteatern (SE) works for experiment filled, border crossing and political performing arts for children, youth and adults. We are a theatre without conventional limitations, where high and low is mixed and our strongest values are lust, courage and loving disrespect.

Freely based on The clan of the cave bear by Jean M Auel | Concept, idea & actors: Amanda Apetrea, Lisen Rosell, Nadja Hjorton | Set & light design: Chrisander Brun | Clothes and makeup: Daniel Åkerström Steen | Technical supervisor: Jenni Godoy | Technician: Jonas Dillner, Snöret Lindén | Supported by: Konstnärsnämnden, Kulturförvaltningen Stockholms stad, Kulturrådet, Kulturförvaltningen Stockholms läns landsting