UNDER MOLNET: Paula Koski + Kaspiann + Härdstedt

Club UNDER MOLNET: Paula Koski + Kaspiann + Härdstedt. Welcome to a club night of great music and much fun!

Paula Koski specializes in the space between mental and fast-paced, groovy techno. The ruthless and glacial north has left its imprint on Kaspiann’s sound as he resides in Helsinki, Finland. His often heavily bass driven tracks are iced with melancholic melodies, wintry atmospheres and allusions of psychedelia. To top it off, a DJ set by Härdstedt, that is rare, he plays techno.
Under Molnet was a record label that came from a series of clubs around 2013-2016. The label days are gone but now Under Molnet shifts shape into becoming a club again.