”Vice Versa” Benno Voorham & Abdalla Omari

A work in progress residency presentation

Vice Versa is the working name for a collaboration between the Syrian artist Abdalla Omari and Dutch/Swedish dance artist Benno Voorham. During a two-week-long stay at Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts they started researching different strategies to bring the visual arts and dance together in a common dramaturgical context. Now this work continues in a residency at Inkonst. The content of the work is based on different stories of children who live in or have fled Syria. Their intention is to create a captivating documentary show about survival, loss, conflict, destruction and how to hold a seed of hope, optimism and dignity alive.

Abdalla Omari is a Syrian painter, performance artist and filmmaker currently living in Brussels. Recently, he created The Vulnerability Series, depicting world leaders in very vulnerable situations and break the image of their absolute power.

Benno Voorham is a Dutch dance artist living in Sweden since 1995. In recent years he has created productions with different groups of marginalized children; HOME with social orphans in Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus and Waiting in the Margins with internal refugee in Georgia.

Vice Versa is produced by LAVA-Dance Production. The residence is made possible through the generous support of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and is a part of Inkonsts residency program.


  • 5/3 2017
  • 15.00
  • Free