Vita Nätter – Banditsagor

Our bartender blends your drinks in a performance about use and abuse

Welcome to Vita nätter, the show where you are served drinks in a cocktail bar, which sold out in a flash.

Guided by a professional bartender you are taken on a journey into the mists of alcohol culture. You are served drinks and preparing for a fun night out, but under the surface lies a story of use and abuse, dreams and failures. With the niche cocktail bar as a setting this performance explores Swedish alcohol culture to test its limits and vulnerabilities.

Banditsagor is a Malmö-based theatre company who makes performances for children, youth and adults based on collective storytelling. They create site specific performances built on close encounters with their audiences, a theatre based on a strong belief in the strength of the experience that arises in rooms where a conversation is already going on.

Public plot is a working collective that explores different modes of staged storytelling. They have previously created performances Smålands mörker, Våld och pedagogik, the car-performances Blue dreams and Gul framtid, and recently Kropp och straff. Many of Public plot’s performances have been created in collaboration with Inkonst and Banditsagor.

Direction: John Hanse | Sound design: Jonas Åkesson | Written by: Henrik Bromander | Actor: Oskar Stenström | Producer: Karin Auran Frankenstein & Carina Ehrenholm

Please note that the venue for this performance is not Inkonst but:
Care / Of Cocktailbar
Fiskehamnsgatan 11 C, Malmö

We follow the guidelines and restrictions provided by the Public Health Authority to ensure a safe environment at our events.