Welcome to explore the musical craftsmanship of Inkonst’s current artist in residency Whitney Johnson (US) aka Matchess (Drag City).

Doors: 19:30
On stage: 20:00

The Chicago-based artist currently in residence at the Inkonst studio presents a live performance of her work-in-progress, as it’s being developed on site. A multi-channel array installation/concert, Johnson uses sound to explore relationships between bodies and minds. Through compositions, performances, and installations derived from the viola, sine waves, Max/MSP, organ, synthesizers, vocalization, tape looping, and field recording, she explores the possibilities of brainwave entrainment, an alternative healing technique to induce relaxed or energized mental states. . Her latest recording, Sonescent (2022, Drag City), joins recent performance-installations FIAT (2023, Forecast Platform Berlin), The Tuning of the Elements (2023, Renaissance Society of the University of Chicago), and Huizkol (2020, Lampo).
The performance will be followed by a brief Q&A with the artist.
Entrance is free and open to all.