Zoe Efstathiou / Egil Kalman + Support

The duo explores the body of space by sculpting sound objects that change dynamically through interaction and improvisation.


Subtle shades change the surface and boundaries of objects, evoking a sensual and tangible experience. Their acoustic instruments act as surfaces for tactile explorations creating transient formless rhythmic clouds, often imitating the electronic world. Their instruments take physical forms, projecting gravity and body with their formations.
The music reflects the ephemeral, the fleeting state between the future and the past, inviting the listener to experience time as a superficial feature of reality.

Zoe Efstathiou is a pianist and electroacoustic musician and composer from Greece, living in Sweden. Her playing has been described by the German newspaper der Freitag as “a master of the prepared piano,” when they referred to her performance at the A L’Arme Festival as “an improvisational masterpiece.” and Tristan McCay writes like this about Zoe’s latest release in I CARE IF YOU LISTEN: “Without a doubt a stand-out player who has cultivated a truly personal and inimitable language of prepared piano techniques,”

Egil Kalman is a Swedish double bass player and synthesist, improviser and composer. An eclectic musician in search of links between folk music and contemporary electroacoustic music. His solo debut ‘Kingdom of Bells: Egil Kalman plays the Synthi 100’ was released in spring 2022 on iDeal Recordings.