Stages & tech specs

Inkonst is today located at Bergsgatan in Malmö in the old chocolate factory Mazetti, which started back in 1888. Since the factory closed down in the 1990s it was sold to the City of Malmö and accommodates since 2006 among others The Theatre Academy and Kulturhuset Mazetti with a lot of different activities.

Inkonst is located at ground level with its own entrance and has three permanent stages: the black box and a large and a small stage. We also have a lounge and two bars.

The Black Box

The theater is a black box with a removable seating system which may also be half out. Here are most of our performing arts programs, but also other events such as clubs, festivals, screenings and conferences. Seated, we can have a maximum of 220 people, but without seating, the black box takes up to 300 people.

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The Big Stage

The Big Stage is our great music scene where we do most of the concerts, but also film screenings, talks, lectures and other events.
The stage is elevated and there is also a bar. The club takes in up to 300 people.

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The Small Stage

The Small Stage also serves as the foyer of the theater. It houses many of our small clubs and we  gladly do smaller gigs or talks here. The stage is elevated and there is also a bar. The Small Stage takes 150 people.

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The Lounge/Inkonstbaren

The lounge is space after the entrance, where you can hang out and rest on the couches. Sometimes we do small concerts or DJs here in connection with events in the other rooms. There are also toilets here. The lounge takes in 150 people. We have no fixed technical equipment in the lounge.

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Technical facilities

Our three scenes have fixed technical equipment, but we also hire what’s needed for each event. Under each link above, you can find more details about the technical equipment we have in the house. You can also email Inkonsts technical director Jonas Siöström at jonas@inkonst.com



At Inkonst there are no major thresholds or stairs, except for to the theater ground level, where there is an option to ride the elevator or sit at the top. If you are physically disabled and will visit the theater, we recommend you arrive in good time, so that our theater hosts can help you out. We also have a toilet in the entrance for those with physical disabilities. The theater also has a hearing loop, but for this to be activated, we want you mail our technical director Jonas Siöström jonas@inkonst.com at least 2 days prior to your visit.

For guests
– The entrance is accessible to wheelchair users, no steps. Close to Bergsgatan for special transport.
– HWC readily available in the foyer.
– Everything is on the same plane,except for the stage level of the theater.
– Wheelchairs can be placed in the theater on the ground level and on the stage floor (however, this requires assistance with the elevator).
– Hearing loop in the theater that can be activated by request.

For artists/organizers
– Dressing rooms available by elevator
– A wheelchair ramp to the stage can be set up.
– HWC backstage

Inkonst has agreements with Malmönyckeln, which means that the owner of this card can bring a support person at no extra cost when you visit Inkonst. Show the card at ticket entrance or when you buy your ticket at Kulturcentralen.

If you have other questions feel free to contact us at info@inkonst.com or +46–(0)40-306597.