The Studio

Welcome to the Inkonst studio – a resource for both local and international artists.

How to apply
The new Inkonst studio is a professional studio environment built to support both local and international artists. If you are interested to come here to work, please fill out the form. Inkonst can offer free studio use, but we normally do not cover daily expenses or accommodation.

You need to be introduced to the studio to work in it. The next group introduction will be after the summer break. If you come here as part of our international residency program, you will get an introduction upon arrival.

The studio’s listening system consists of 9 Genelec speakers (2x 1238, 6x 1031, 1x 1094). The two three-way speakers 1238 are wall mounted, positioned as a traditional stereo system with a 1031 in the center and the subwoofer 1094 below it. The other five 1031’s are mobile, fixed on stands for the flexibility to work in several different multi-channel configurations such as ambisonic, quadraphonic, 5.1-7.1 and so on.

The studio is also equipped with a modular system from Erica Synths. When designing the system, Erica Synths draw inspiration from the works of pioneers of the electronic music – Pierre Schaeffer, Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, Louis Barron and others. Meaning, the system does not have a typical synthesizer (VCO-VCF-VCA with controllers) architecture, rather, it’s a collection of sound and control voltage generation and processing modules to encourage users to experiment, research and explore new territories of sound. The Graphic VCO alone can be used to illustrate virtually all methods of sound synthesis– subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis, FM synthesis, phase distortion synthesis and others. The Sample Drum, apart from beeing powerful sample player with plenty of manipulation on different parameters, can emulate experiments on the reel to reel recorders, where tape was cut is smaller pieces, rearranged and played back at various speeds. And, of course, with external controls – a keyboard or a sequencer, the system becomes powerful sound source that can be integrated in any electronic music setup.

For all studio related questions, please mail studio@inkonst.com.

The studio has been made possible thanks to Elektronmusikstudion and Erica Synths.