Alleycat Anthem: Main Phase + Alleycat Residents

Alleycat Anthem presents: Main Phase (ATW Records, DK) + Alleycat Residents (Sleepy Tooth Parker, Lidia Ponjavic & Aron Mody)

With a musical style heavily aligned with UK garage, jungle and 4×4, you’d be forgiven for assuming Main Phase hailed from the UK. In fact, the Danish producer has a long and rich musical history that weaves through many genres of dance music, including house, trance and techno. In the last few years however, he has honed his style in the UK garage domain and led the way in bringing these legendary sounds to dance floors across Denmark; as a result he’s become known as one of the most prominent garage DJs in his native country. His contribution to the genre – both as a DJ and producer – has also earned him gigs all across Europe, playing at iconic venues such as fabric, Hidden, World Headquarters and more, as well as festivals such as BassFest, Oulu Music Festival and O Days Festival. Main Phase is passionate about his involvement in all aspects of the music industry. He’s released on labels such as Time is Now, Instinct, Hardline Sounds and more and in August 2020 he released under the alias ATW – a collaboration with Interplanetary Criminal – on their jointly owned label ATW Records. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also keeping busy with his Ruff Kru Balamii radio residency, which he hosts with Cosworth!
As usual, we have support from our ACA-residents, this time around with Sleepy Tooth Parker, Lidia Ponjavic & Aron Mody behind the boards. Looking forward to this one! See you on the 18th Feb.