This man doesn’t really need an introduction, but here goes: Surgeon aka Anthony Child has been one of those seminal artists who’s helped define what any person in their right mind would call techno today. Adding harshness and industrial murk to the genre, he’s proven that hard can also be smart, sensuous and danceable. One half of the legendary British Murder Boys and with a resume that would probably make your head burst, it’s a great honor to present him in our beloved Black Box.

This leads us to our own little legend – Rivet. Longtime friend of the aforementioned and with a majestic amount of releases under different monikers (including Grovskopa!) on labels such as Skudge, Kontra-Musik, Editions Mego and Token, he’s one of those names that, along with Zlatan, always pops up when you mention Malmö abroad. With twenty five years as a DJ and his recent, widely acclaimed debut album under his belt, he’ll surely not disappoint.

New legends do pop up. EKALIFF is a Malmö based producer, drummer, vocalist, and DJ and has distinctively dominated the various bars, dance floors, radio stations around Malmö/Sweden/Madrid with their unmatched ear for the deepest basses on every side of the trenches.
As a proud member of the music-collective FNGRLCKN and an inspirant of rugged, industrial, construction-sites: EKALIFF blends their passion for musical old-school dub, jazz-percussion and turns out a wobbly bass driven mix around the 140 territory. Brace yourselves!

På Inkonst följer vi Folkhälsomyndighetens, Polisens och Malmö stads bestämmelser och riktlinjer i samtliga avseenden gällande COVID-19

Fr. o.m den 1 december kommer vår personal att börja  kontrollera vaccinationsbevis.
För att påskynda processen vid insläpp ber vi er att ha ID och vaccinationsbevis nära till hands när ni besöker oss.


At Inkonst, we follow the guidelines, rules and regulations set by the  Swedish Public Health Authorities, The Swedish Police and the City of Malmö. 

Starting December 1st, our staff will be checking proof of vaccination upon entry.
To ensure a smooth entry, please have your ID and proof of vaccination readily available when entering.