Camille Roth: Transmissions | FREE ENTRY

Transmissions is a quadraphonic concert, a series of spatial sound pieces, created from sonified electromagnetic waves from telephone and Wi-Fi signals.

This concert is part of an Inkonst Studio residency.
Supported by Art Music Denmark

Through subtle movements of tactile sounding depths and layers, it is an exploration of the materiality of the invisible, but ubiquitous, digital signals, that travel through the airspace surrounding us, connecting and exchanging information. The air, or more precisely, the space around, inside, and between us all, is the medium through which all of this wireless communication is transmitted.

Over several years, Camille Roth has been exploring electromagnetic waves as a phenomenon, through field-recordings from various places in the world, using a small detector device for transduction into sound. From carefully selected bits and passages, she has structured them into detailed, dynamic sound pieces, creating images of the EM-waves as physically present layers of digital texture, weaving in and out of each other, transmitting over small and great distances. The composition of the pieces are inspired by research into EM-waves as both technology and form of communication, the cultural perceptions attached to them, as well as their relationship to time, space, and the urge to get through to the other end.
Feel free to move and turn around during the concert.

Camille Roth is a Copenhagen-based sound artist. Working in various spatial scales and medium-combinations, she uses the textures, depths and layers of organic field-recordings, to create new sensuous imaginations of dynamic processes and complex relationships.
In recent years, Camille Roth has focused on sonification of electromagnetic waves from telephone, radio- and Wi-Fi signals, combined with an exploration of spatial sound as a medium – a practice developed through international residencies in Berlin, Budapest, Malmö and Vancouver.

During her residency at Inkonst, she has worked on new ways to stage the quadraphonic live-concert, and developed the format of Transmissions into it’s final form – somewhere between a concert and a temporal sound installation.
After the concert she will be present for an artist talk, sharing her thoughts and processes around the piece.

Links: www.camilleroth.com www.instagram.com/rothcamille