Catharsis 2 years: Josefine Hellström All night

Two years of purgation to be celebrated! Last one before the summer hiatus so make sure to indulge and cleanse your souls ⚕ Club mama Josefine Hellström behind the decks all night long.

Catharsis (from Greek κάθαρσις, katharsis, meaning “purification” or “cleansing” or “clarification”) is purgation of emotions through dramatic art, or any extreme emotional state that results in renewal and restoration. Within the realm of Catharsis, the fusion of high-quality techno and the spirit of rave culture takes center stage. Through emotive melodies and hard-hitting drums, Catharsis crafts a narrative that oscillates between euphoria and melancholy, providing a multi-dimensional experience on the dancefloor. It’s a peak time, cutting-edge sugar rush designed to ignite and embrace the transformative power of techno.

JOSEFINE HELLSTRÖM (Catharsis / Alleycat Anthem)
It’s the contrasts that get you. Sharp edges soft to the touch, like translucent lace on sun-cracked asphalt. For Josefine Hellström, melancholy and euphoria are not opposites – they’re inseparable. The enraptured flash when a child finally catches a beautiful butterfly. The wistful moment seconds later when she opens her hands and finds the fragile being lifeless. It’s all there. Josefine Hellström has found a way to capture that duality in her music and in her sets.

It is the raw tonality and temperament that makes Josefine a fearsome reputation as a selector. Straight to the point with elements of colorful melodies, reflected through infectious tribal-esque rhythms and old school flavors – is what appears throughout her music and in her sets. As a music collector, Josefine’s preferred format as a DJ is vinyl and her techno is a powerful intent to build tension, climaxing into a frenzy of emotions, and also the reason why Josefine is one of the most sought-after DJs in the Scandinavian region.

After 10 years in the industry as a DJ, producer and organizer affiliated with crews like Klubb Döden and Alleycat Anthem in Malmö, 2022 marked the premiere of Josefine’s club Catharsis as a part of her residency at Inkonst.