COME: UNITY w/ Bunker + Kenopsia + Anakhonda + Aggregat


COME:UNITY takes center stage beneath the city’s depths. Four collectives will unite under one roof, embodying the spirit of creative polymerization. Shadows will dance, stories will flow, and a burst of vibrant energy will envelop the underground space. Join us for a night celebrating diverse expressions, a testament to the power of unity in creative diversity.



Aggregat is a Malmö-based DJ collective that arranges events, club concepts, open airs etc. Above all, Aggregat was started in a studio by a common interest in music but has grown into something bigger. During the last 4 years, Aggregat has organized open airs, club concepts, and various cultural events above all in Malmö, filled with music and various artistic expressions, including graphic design, live acts/live performances. As well as having collaborated with cultural organizations and clubs in Malmö.

Aggregat stands for culture, and wants to promote a free context for all those interested in culture where everyone is welcome regardless of gender, identity, orientation, background.


Bxy Santiago’s musical journey is a testament to his distinct approach. Emerging from humble beginnings as a bedroom producer and beatmaker, he has since evolved into a driving force within the house and techno scene in his home city, Malmo. Here, he thrives on creative expression, whether as a solo artist or through his involvement with the AGGREGAT collective.

Known for his signature dubby minimal sound, Bxy Santiago’s DJ sets transcend genres, encompassing everything from techno to techtrance, infused with elements of rap, grime, R&B, and old-school classics. With his sets, he’ll take you on a sonic journey, seamlessly shifting from hypnotic minimal sounds to heart-pounding kick-drums.

Get ready to dance the night away and explore his latest creations on SoundCloud.


Malmö’s own proverbial snake in the garden is known for luring the city’s freaks and geeks to its many pits of joy. Anakhonda’s track record so far speaks of a will to provide a variety of subcultural experiences with a healthy serving of genuine fun on top. Giving deep genre aficionados, classic dancefloor goblins and curious fresher ears all a chance to taste the sweet sweet apple that is heartfelt DIY raving.
Their resident line-up of Babylon Barsebäck, Bobby Baker, Bråten, MXCI, pissgirl046 and Svenne Spjut has essentially any and all avenues of dance music cornered between them. Whether it’s head-splitting hardcore, sunny house anthems and subterranean bass music or squeaky nightcore, techno dungeon classics and contemporary pop breakdowns – our snakes slithers comfortably within and between them all to ensure what probably is Malmö’s broadest representation of style and genre!


The mad scientist producer/DJ combo of Babylon Barsebäck is known for concocting delicious servings of club-oriented mixing, with a special aptitude for making the unexpected become freakishly effective dancefloor weaponry. With years of experience and experimentation in the bag, the mutations that stem from Barsebäcks wild melting pot of music from anywhere and anytime can make even the stiffest of upper lips break out into wide smiles. We would mention a relevant genre or tempo if it was possible, but that would be like describing a rainbow as only one or two colours. You’re just going to have to saddle up for a ride that can go anywhere, just remember that often the journey is more fun anyway and that we can guarantee in this case. Barsebäck has been engaged in various constellations of Malmö and Copenhagen musical contexts and nightlife throughout the years. In more recent ones they’ve developed local label and event platform SKÖRD and joined forces with the raving reptilians of Anakhonda.



Welcome to Bunker Session, where rhythms unite and souls ignite! We aim to create an inclusive and electrifying alliance led by four innovative DJs from Poland, Kurdistan, Romania and Chile. Bound by friendship and fueled by originality, we craft unforgettable experiences for pros and emerging artists, generating safe and profesional spaces for them to showcase their craft. At the same time Bunker focuses on giving their members quality experiences and times for connecting, sharing and networking. Join us on this extraordinary musical odyssey, as we intertwine hearts and ignite spirits worldwide! 

Until now Bunker has given the chance to more than 60 Djs/producers to play at their Sessions, generating marketing and content before and after each event for each artist. Bunker mission is to bring out to the world all the incredible talent that exists in Malmö and around.


ΠΛΤΤ – Bunker Resident – Chilean/Italian

With 6 years of experience, ΠΛΤΤ has left his mark on stages across the globe, including Chile, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Ireland and Germany.

For ΠΛΤΤ, music is a profound expression of energy and connection with his audience. Through the immersive journey of Rex Sessions and Bunker Sessions, he has explored diverse genres of techno, starting from minimal and driving beats to breathtaking peak moments. Jumping later to blend raw, hypnotic, and groovy techno, giving birth to what he aptly calls “Dream and Dance Techno”—a euphoric sensation that electrifies the atmosphere. These days ΠΛΤΤ is playing fastened organic and down-tempo beats mixed with indie house, and minimal techno. Groovy bass lines and tops are the clue for him.


Kenopsia is a techno-collective based in Malmö, Norra Grängesberg. With a mix of genres they typically land on the grittier and groovy side. 
Kenopsia’s journey began in the midst of the prevailing epidemic  when some friends decided it was time to stop only being bedroom djs and start playing in front of people.
In the summer of 2020, they started the collective and organized their first Open Air. Since then the collective Kenopsia have organized more open airs and indoor raves and then played at smaller festivals and clubs around the Malmö area.


Swedish and Malmö based Bad Balance, one of the co-founders of the collective Kenopsia usually lands on in a mix of the more hypnotic and groovy techno sounds. But can happily throw everything from trance, break and even dubstep into the mix, when the mood is right!
With a penchant for blipy sounds and rhythmic beats Bad Balance will take you on a journey within the groove/hardgroove Kenopsia has been recognized for.
With experiences that have made several dance floors in both Skåne and Copenhagen to bounce, you really don’t want to miss Bad Balance!