Cul De Sac #4 Zozo [TR] / Eszaid [FR, Live] / HOS

’100% dancefloor oddballism’ w Zozo, Eszaid and HOS

[Istanbul, TR, Macadam Mambo]
As a music enthusiast and dedicated partygoer, Zozo aka Nigar Zeynep, has been in the center of Istanbul dance music scene since the late 90’s.
Having been exposed to music and club culture for a long time, Dj’ing grew on her naturally. She started collecting and playing music in 2007. Her musical tastes range from a blend of funk, to disco, soul classics and some oriental influences from her roots, which she slowly
combined with sequencer driven house, slo-mo techno and spacey electronic beats.
The Macadam Mambo affiliate describes her genre as ‘oriental crime’, and believes in a funny approach to electronic music.
Zozo keeps on spreading a message of love through music to anyone listening carefully, while playing in Turkish venues like WUC, Mini Müzikhol, Suma Beach or Gizli Bahçe or international ones like Panorama Bar, Rex Club, De School, Le Sucre, Bar, Zukunft or Salon des Amateurs to name a few.

[FR, Collapsing Market]
Co-founder of the label Collapsing Market, Louis Vial aka Eszaid discreetly imposed himself as one of the most singular producers of the young French electronic scene. With his first LP Euro-souvenir, released in 2018, he draws a musical interpretation of a Europe divided in a mythological past and a neo-liberal doctrine. Following his first solo releases or his work as Mura Oka with Sidney Gerard, he combines minimalist compositions and post-techno musings while cultivating his taste for rough electronic sounds.

The one supporting our faraway guests will be Herman – dancer and new beat entusiast with Malmö’s strongest haircut.