Daisy Tortuga “A Year In Knots”

A story of heartbreak and loneliness told through a tufting gun.

The process of making is intuitive and fruitful
I am erratic
I am mother making packed lunches
I am grandfather in his allotment
I am child in the sand

I make for your home
I make a home in the gallery
I want you to hold things
I want to make things for you to hold

I have spent a long time in sadness.
And told the wool my story.

A Year In Knots tells a story of heartbreak, loneliness and acceptance of the things we cannot control. The unique feminine nature of tapestry and textiles tells the story of women through the ages. This work hopes to emote healing to the artist, and to the viewer – a chance to relate to their own vulnerability and processing of turbulent emotions. A Year In Knots is a diary, a photograph, a conversation with a friend.

Tortugas work is filled with brutal honesty, wittiness and dark humour, with the rugs as intimate snapshots from her life. Inspired by Louise Bourgeois, Tracey Emin and Henry Darger, Tortuga combines poetic phrases with colourful textile rugs. Titles as Looks like a nun, addicted to sex offers a playful, yet decieving interplay that may contrast one’s first interpretation of the work. Difficult topics are made personal through Tortugas works, and also offers an insight to the emotional chaos spinning in a young adult’s head, an echo of absurdity approaching from the abyss of every-day struggles.

The exhibition includes several new works as well as older works and is shown at both Inkonst and Gallery REDAN. To see the full show, visit both places!

Daisy Tortuga (b.1997) is a London based textile artist whose multi-disciplinary work is centred around craft and complex emotions. In her practice she gives traditional techniques a renaissance by mixing a vibrant palette with bold statements. Tortugas first solo show was at The Truman Brewery in London 2021. A Year in Knots will be her second, and also her first international exhibition outside the UK.

Finissage 8/4 18.00–21.00
INKONST: Fredagar 22–02 (Vi har inga dedikerade öppettider för utställningarna men du kan se dem på alla våra arrangemang. Fredagsbaren är gratis.)
Galleri REDAN: Södra Förstadsgatan 81, ons–fre 12–18, lör–sön 12-16