Delish Da Goddess + Aidinity + Moose Dawa

Delish Da Godess has been dubbed “The leader of New Orleans DIY hip hop-movement” and with her raw energy and upfront bars she holds the audience in awe.

Born and raised in a small town just southeast of New Orleans, Delish Da Goddess grew up listening to many genres and is influenced strongly by artists such as Lauryn Hill, Tina Turner, Missy Elliott, Joan Jett, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson.

With 8 EPs and 6 singles under her belt and a nonpareil performance style, she has been a steady source of creative energy and inspiration for Louisiana’s Hip Hop scene, affording her the Best Rap and Bounce award at 2018’s Big Easy Awards.

It was especially her 7th, and to date most cohesive EP, Violet, that put her on the broader map. In the meantime she has been featured in Diplo’s Blow Your Head series, TNT’s TV series Claws and performed with the likes of Peaches, Le1f, Big Freedia and Sophie.

January 29th 2020 saw the release of »Bye America«. The video heavily focuses on three lost black girls being stuck in a place where they won’t be accepted but find ways to maintain the life they want to live and teach each other. All you need is a few people in your corner to survive.

She has kept a strong local bond and has been called “The leader of New Orleans’ DIY hip-hop movement. 

She gets her crowds moving and then hits them with jarringly upfront bars, infusing lo-fi trap beats with the energy of the queer bounce movement that put New Orleans hip-hop back on the map post-Wayne. « The Fader

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Aidinity is an artist & freestyle-based MC residing in Malmö mostly known for his ways with words and rocking the mic on the spot. With a couple of official releases under his belt, he has been making his moves around his hometown, establishing himself as a freestyle MC & wordsmith with a lot of stuff in the making. An EP with the producer duo ByAnyMeans and another project with Malmö-based producer Max-Science is set for release for this year. Aidinity is a part of the Malmöbased Alleycat Anthem-collective and besides the two EP’s he is also currently working on a full album produced by fellow Alleycat- colleague Moose Dawa.

DJ: Moose Dawa