Game Habitat: Åsa Roos om UX-design

Åsa Roos, BioWare pratar om "user experience" design

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ÅSA ROOS, Principal UX designer at BioWare Edmonton

One of the most challenging tasks UX and UI designers often come across is the visualization of systems. In this talk I’ll discuss multiple ways to get an overview of complex flows and the tools I use to maintain and explore the systems we often work with. The talk uses the phases of design thinking as a starting point, and elaborates on the tools appropriate for empathizing, defining, ideating etc. This talk gives you a set of tools to use and a methodology to tackle complex flows.

Åsa Roos is a veteran game developer from Sweden. She started in the games industry about 19 years ago as a game designer for mobile games. From these humble beginnings her career has spanned everything from small games and consoles to triple-A titles. She’s currently working as Principal UX Designer at BioWare Edmonton on an undisclosed game.

Hope to see you all there!
// Game Habitat team

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