Ilpo Väisänen from the legendary finnish duo Pan Sonic (RIP Mika Vainio), Gothenburg’s original electronic punker Jean-Louis Huhta and the bloodcurling chaotic disharmony of Suture. A whole evening of noise to beat the shit out of your ear drums!

Ilpo Väisänen most known as one of the inseparable halves of Panasonic / Pan Sonic, a crucial and visionary duo in electronic music for over two decades. Formed in 1993 and releasing their first 12” on Sähkö Recordings. Originally the group was called Panasonic but the company of the same name threatened legal action and the name was changed. 

The duo has described their main influences as eighties industrial acts such as Throbbing Gristle, Einstürzende Neubauten and Suicide. They have acted as musical innovators by combining sounds typical of industrial techno and spacing them out into longer, subdued soundscapes of reggae and dub. 

Since the duo resolved due to Mika Vainio’s untimely death, Ilpo Väisänen returned to solo albums through the now canonical Editions Mego in 2015 with ‘Communist Dub’, ‘I-LP-O in Dub’ in 2017, and the larger album, ‘ÄÄNET’, in 2018, in honour of his late friend. Peppered with some field recordings from a Pan Sonic tour of the USA, this album makes for the most dignified, powerful and delicate elegy.

To generate his sounds and soundscapes Ilpo Väisänen rarely uses more than simple devices like analog keyboards and other oscillators he’s fabricated himself. In an age of digital ubiquities, his economy of means and anachronistic aura almost constitutes a challenge, indeed a provocation. His world permanently fluctuates between hot and cold; composed of creaks, whistles, strange noises and rhythmic improbabilities, it’s a world oftentimes futuristic, yet prehistoric.

The musician, composer and DJ Jean-Louis Huhta plays a crucial role in the shaping of the Swedish punk scene. Born in Gothenburg he started playing in Freddie Wadling’s post punk band Cortex in the early 80s and later joined the hardcore band Anti Cimex. Over the years he has participated in various bands raging from punk and art music to grindcore and funk. He has performed solo with his own name but also as his alias Dungeon Acid. He’s also worked as an essential part of many projects in the experimental art field such as the art collective Lucky People Center. 

Suture is a Malmö band risen from the experience of nightmarish existence and biological terror, creating chaos from the screaming sound of nothingness. The band demonstrates the urge to vocalise all these matters. Since 2019 they have made themselves known for raw and energetic performances. Harsh music combined with elements of noise and power noise. Their first album FLESH from 2020 includes bloodcurling vocals, bolting charing drums, guitar and bass screeching with distortion. The expression is of hate, fear and disgust. Since the release the band has shaped further into creating a sharpened landscape of chaotic disharmony. 

Their drummer Mathias Kristersson is also known for his work with Noise Against Fascism. A musical project with no input mixer, no input equalizer and signal feedback fueled by political anger. A violent non-violent tool of resistance.