“In Our Own Words” – Panel discussion about sex work (w/ sex workers)

Panel discussion about sex work (w/ sex workers)

More often than not, discussion around sex work and prostitution triggers a strong emotional response. In Sweden, our moralizing view usually infantilizes women, stemming from our national self-image of virtuous self-righteousness.

The Swedish sexköpslagen – a law which states that you are permitted to sell, but not purchase, sex – came into power in 1999, and was the first in the world of its kind. However, during its legislation, people with actual sex work experience were never consulted. This careless conduct for sex workers and their profession is not uncommon. Debates and discussions surrounding the issue rarely include any representation from actual sex workers. We tend to talk about sex workers, not with them.

This panel presents a conversation about sex work by sex workers. Made up of four individuals – each with experience within and around the field of sex work – and the author and scientist Petra Östergren, the discussion will be moderated by Red Umbrella member Torch.

The panel is organized by Fennek Film and Erotikafton in collaboration with Red Umbrella Sweden.

→ Part of Erotikafton Festival 2022
→ Saturday 4 June
→ 12.00 Doors
→ 14.30–16.00 Panel discussion
→ INKONST, Bergsgatan 29 Malmö
→ Festival pass, Saturday ticket or 95 SEK at the door (for the whole day program 12.00–16.00)