In-Q: Queer Show Night

Your favourite queer show night! With The Guilt, Chiwi, Dina Matskevich, Jon Ely Xiuming & Widianne X.

Our darling beloved audience, we are so absolutely thrilled to present season 2 of In-Q: weirder, wilder and more unhinged. Your favourite night out (finally!) returns to give you the number one thing you need to feel alive – a room full of queers with stage full of performers and really good music.

This time we’re thrilled to present superstar drag queen, Latina Diva and winner of Stockwig 2021, Chiwi! We suggest you prepare to be glamorously entertained. The music is dancefloor anger management by darlings The Guilt. Expect lots of synths and lots of fun. We will also have Dina Matskevich who uses Fusion Belly Dance and electronic music in her show. And a film by Eli Xiuming Gao. And of course, with as much grace and poise as ever, our beloved hostess Widianne X will care for your every need, gently (or not so gently lol) guiding you through the evening.

In-Q is a space for queer dance, drag, music, film, performance, poetry and all things that disturb the order and shakes both soul and arse. It’s a wild deep dive into the boundary-breaking ocean of creative expression that queer people have always excelled at. We have drinks and snacks in the bar and performers who tickle your senses with sharp nails and vibrating bass and create the oasis of queer culture we always wanted to visit.

So mark your calendars, get your friends, wear your heart on your sleeve and your freakiest outfit, and we’ll see you in the steamy dreamy mess that is In-Q!

Chiwi, Latina Diva and currently winner of Stock wig Stockholm 2021, finalist at Drag queen of the year 2020 by Leo. B. With almost two years in the scene, he has performed in different stages around Stockholm, and always winning the love from the people. A superstar is born.

The sharpest tool in the shed! The Guilt is electro cunt punk from Malmö/Hässleholm, Sweden. Laser-punk, death disco, electroclash, body punk, it could be many things but mostly it’s dancefloor anger management. The sound of The Guilt has progressed into a skewed, frantic and shaky kind of electro punk. More synths, and more space for fun. The latest  album, “New Knives”, represents all of that. As sure as ever, the full frontal piece of the band is Emma Anitchka, setting the brutal tone for this small and angry band. A new feature in 2022 is guitarist/bassist Catnip Lizzy (ex. Ragata, Arre Arre!). Lizzy is known to be a shredding tornado on stage and a remarkable formula1 fact-teller off stage. Lizzy and Emma will deliver new, and very sharp, knives. Get your cut.

Dina Matskevich is a Russian-Syrian contemporary artist and performer. Her movement practice is based in Fusion Style Belly Dance and other dance forms. In her artistic work, she draws from her experience as a queer woman in Russia and the Middle East, from exploring the mix of both cultures and electronic music.

Jon Ely Xiuming ia poet and multimedia artist currently running away from art school..? They are part of a lot of queer collectives, like @dromsyskon_zine, @fakedaughter and @rest_resist <3

Widianne X / Aurora May is a Russian-Palestinian multidisciplinary artist, currently based in Malmö, Sweden. She mainly works with performance art and burlesque. Apart from creating for the stage she also paints, writes, sculptures, designs costumes, builds installations and collects vintage. Her art is transformative; the art she creates is always organic and therefore constantly changing, living. In her work she mainly focuses on working with sex-positivity, kink, sadness and trauma. Since the first time she went up on stage in 2015 she has been building up her repertoire: from classical burlesque to kinky performance art and political statements. She has performed nationally as well as internationally, and she’s the regular MC at In-Q.